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In-studio Private Pilates and Functional Conditioning sessions as well as travel sessions for Pilates in the comfort of your home or office. Schedule your Appointments with us now!

Get to Know Us

Welcome to Zen-Strength. Established in 2016 by Kathryn De Vos Siebert in the heart of Sea-Point, Cape Town our Studio provides a tranquil environment for all. Jamie De Vos Siebert manages the facility overseeing our services and operations along with our dedicated wellness professionals. Join us in Studio for Pilates Appointments or if you prefer schedule a "At Home" session for Pilates and we will travel to you!

Our service offering includes workshops, courses, events and retreats. Join an online program and become part of our community engaging, motivating and inspiring others.

Kathryn De Vos Siebert

Kathryn founded Zen-Strength in 2016, with the intention of creating an environment that helps people explore and develop their innate "zen-strength" potential - through mindful, client-centric corrective exercise and therapeutic massage. Through the brand she married her passion for and experience in holistic health and fitness, design, hospitality and entrepreneurship.

Kathryn gained a BA Sports Science Degree (with a Business Management major and specializing in “Health and Fitness Industry”) from Stellenbosch University in 2003. She immediately supplemented her degree studying Pilates, qualifying through Renee Watson. Thirsty “for more”, she ventured abroad -  gaining invaluable passion, education and experience in functional conditioning through World Health in Calgary, Canada.

Over a 20 years career, Kathryn has gained extensive, varied experience working in the rehabilitation, health and fitness industry - both locally and abroad. She’s always challenged the norm, and enjoys imparting her knowledge and experience with both clients and instructors at Zen-Strength.

Kathryn gained a BD Interior Design Degree from Inscape Design College in 2012, and is also the founder-owner of Zen-Create Interiors and Zen-Create Collective.

Kathryn De Vos Siebert - Zen Strength
Jamie De Vos Siebert -Zen Strength
Jamie De Vos Siebert

Jamie joined Zen-Strength in its early inception and is married to it’s founder, Kathryn De Vos Siebert.


As a natural athlete with a highly competitive sports background, Jamie pursued his passion for sport and fitness - qualifying as a Personal Trainer with ETA in 2001. 


His 20+ year career began at the world renowned Sports Science Institute in Cape Town, where he gained valuable insight into fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation. Undertaking contractual work aboard the Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise Lines, he furthered his training and experience in a multitude of fitness and wellness disciplines - most notably massage and Stott Pilates. On returning to South Africa, he cultivated his interest in Pilates, certifying through Renee Watson. He has been working in Cape Town as a Corrective Exercise Specialist ever since. 


Since joining Zen-Strength in early 2017, he has developed a special interest and further expertise in client-centric functional conditioning and therapeutic massage.

"Through various forms of massage we gain and sustain distinct-vitality, heightened-wellbeing and innate-resilience - assisting us with optimal wellbeing, stress-management, rehabilitation, injury prevention, as well as athletic recovery and performance."

Kathryn De Vos Siebert

 (Zen-Strength Founder-Owner)

Hennie Coetzee (Accountant / Business-Owner)
"I have been training with Jamie for many years and the results have been phenomenal - I've improved my strength and flexibility to the point where I remain injury-free. And I love that Jamie challenges me in each session I do with him." 
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